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"I really liked the book and found it helpful for a number of reasons.
  • The way she writes it pulls you toward begging to go. It is a temptation that one cannot resist for very long. I am periodically counting the days, even if I counted just five minutes before.
  • The author tells you about the rides in each and almost every area of Disney, and gives you height regulations (if there are any), which I REALLY like because I have younger sisters who may not be ready for that particular ride height-wise
  • The language is good and easy to understand. Her sentences are not short and choppy, not long and wild, but a happy medium of smooth and fluent." ~Emily, age 9. Read more of this review at TravelKiddy Tips.


"I’m telling you, the amount of information she’s packed into these things is crazy! Laura has provided a rich resource that would be useful even if you weren’t planning a vacation.  Such a fun way to incorporate geography into your homeschool {or study time with your kid}.I really recommend these books whether you’re planning a vacation or not.  They’re super awesome." Read more of this review at Sweet Critique.


"Children of all ages will really enjoy reading and looking through the eBooks and at the end, after reading through, they can test their knowledge to see if they are ready for their trip"   Read more of this review at ParentPalace.


"This series helps get kids excited about travel destinations by giving them cool information about the places they’ll be traveling to. It also helps parents and kids work together to pick out some fun things to do while on vacation."  Read more of this review at PrettyOpinionated.


"I love Laura's guidebooks. With each attraction, we are provided with amazing things to check out while we are there, thus saving us valuable time while on vacation."  Read more of this review at Blended With Love.

"The book’s introduction contains a handy attraction evaluation key: (S) Scary, (A) Awesome, (D) Dark, (T) Thrilling, and (W) Wet. Brief descriptions of some key terms as well as a little history of Walt Disney’s life and legacy are also covered before diving into the various lands or areas within each Park. Each section highlights several popular attractions, noting height requirements where applicable, suggests where to grab some good grub, and includes interactive hyperlinks for further study of select subjects."  Read of of this review at Chip and Co.


"Fun facts and pictures make Planet Explorers Chicago, a must-read if you’re planning a trip. Even if you’re not planning to visit, after exploring this book, you’ll swear you’ve been there."  Read more of this review at Cynthia's Attic.

"It is written specifically to intrigue children and to help them understand this large magical city. The trivia facts are interesting by themselves." Read more of this review at Mrs. Katz's Book Blurbs.


"Before I travel, I do my research. I like to know everything I can about where I’m going: the best restaurants, what to see, things to do… It’s part of the experience for me and makes the trip even more exciting. My girls feel the same way. Now, Planet Explorers can help kids prepare and get excited before a family trip with their own travel guides."  Read more of this review at Barista Kids.


"The guide was written in a style that felt like a cool insider was telling you all the best info about your upcoming vacation. I liked it!"  Read more of this review at Mrs. Mommy Mouse Ears.

"I really enjoyed reading some of the fact and information about the lands.  All of the information was kid friendly and there were even some tips that I did not know.  I liked that the book was interactive in the way that if there was a name or a term that may not be understood, it was highlighted and they were sent to a link for more information.  All of the links were kid friendly as well!"  Read more of this review at Walt's Writers.


"Fun way for kids to have their own 'guidebook' to the city instead of reading the boring adult ones. Quirky facts makes touring more entertaining. It could even assist kids in planning the vacation. Can't wait to see this kind of book for more cities."  From a review at Amazon.com.

"As someone who has been to Disney World more than 20 times, I can say that the tips for getting the most out of each park are right on. I also love that you can link directly to relevant websites from the guidebook when you want to learn more about something. I don't know if there is anything else out there like this!"  From a review at Smashwords.com.


"As a parent the things I like best about the Planet Explorers Guidebooks are the history that is included in each e-book and the links that are throughout. The history for each place is very detailed and includes facts that children would find fascinating. A great benefit of the e-book is the ability to have click-able links that take you to websites that offer further explanation about a person or place. If the book is talking about Sherlock Holmes, his name is a link that when clicked explains the history of his life. Or when talking about a zoo, giant pandas is a link that takes you to The National Geographic website." Read more of this review at Baby Giveaways Galore.


"These eBooks are wonderful for kids, tweens and teenagers to learn all about their next destination. Each book covers everything about that travel stop including facts and pictures. They get to learn some history behind the states (or adventure spots) before actually going. My twin girls read the Disneyland ebook and really loved it. My kids were so excited to tell me that Walt Disney actually lived in the Fire Station (that is next door to City Hall) in an apartment on its top floor during the park's construction. I never knew that! That is a spot we would've stopped in to see while we were at Disneyland, if only we had known that ahead of time." Read more of this review at Pink Dandy Chatter.


"What I love about these e-books is not only are they jam packed with great tips and details, but they are super affordable. They are only $2.99.  They are written perfectly for a child to understand and be excited about an upcoming trip, but also for adults to enjoy as well." Read more of this review at Gaffney's Gabs.

"I’m a huge history buff and not only does Laura point out Philly’s great historical sites, she also covers the city’s founding story and fun “did you know?” trivia. For each site, she includes links to further information, good imagery and, best of all, nearby places to eat. Oh, she knows her audience well! I can see Planet Explorers being a great tool for parents and teachers. We all know tweens aren’t the easiest sells for family vacations or classroom geography—here’s a guide directed specifically to them." Read more of this review at Adunate.com.


"All in all, I would say it is a very informative guide book to Disneyland and an interesting read for anyone planning to visit the park.  I can picture a tween or young teenager using it to help guide his/her family through the amusement park.  And the links with extra information are wonderful ways to help kids learn in the moment." Read more of this review at There's Just One Mommy.


"I personally reviewed the New York City Guidebook For Kids and found that it is certainly entertaining and engaging for young readers. Fun facts, such as "which movies took place in NYC," or "which celebrities were born in the city," brought the book down to a level that pre-teens might enjoy." Read more of this review at Thrifty Mom Spot.